PENSION POD KAŠNOU is located on the picturesque square in the centre of Frýdek-Místek close to Frýdek Castle. Therefore, our pension offers pleasant trips and walks to square and castle.

Pension Pod Kašnou is in English Pension Under the Fountain. And why "under the fountain?"  There is the Fountain of St. Florian opposite our pension in the heart of square.

Original building of our pension is from the end of 17th century and it was a pharmacy - "Pharmacy of St. Mary". Medicine and drugs were mixed and prepared here.

Building was completely renovated in the years 1998-1999. New history of the house – PENSION POD KAŠNOU - has begun since 1999.

The pension is designed as a family-type pension where its owners have been participating in its running from the beginning. Cosy style of interiors and rooms, home cooking, friendly staff and pleasant atmosphere are the main aspects of pension operation.

Considering the historic building and its location, pension is not large but the saying is probably true "What is small, it is beautiful". When you come to spend several days and nights, come for lunch or dinner, to have a family celebration or company party here, you will like it.


Use our services in a pleasant

atmosphere of family pension